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Introducing Example42 Puppet tutorials

One of the greatest satisfactions behind the work on Example42 modules has always been to hear about people saying that they have learnt a lot about Puppet from these modules (even if many times they don't use them ... and this makes me think a bit :-O )

Recently I was asked to prepare a dedicated and customized Puppet training session for a customer of a company I've started to work with and I was asked to prepare some training material for this occasion. At the same time this company has introduced me to Slidery, a Java library they are developing to convert markdown text into slides, using different presentation layouts (Desk.js, Impress.js, Reveal,js, PDF...). A Slidery plugin for Gradle makes all this very simple.

I got in love with this tool and felt the unstoppable temptation to use it to to provide some useful Puppet information to the community.

Here it is, then, the first , very young, set of Example42 Puppet Tutorials.

You can find the Markdown "source" code (and what's needed to build the slides) on GitHub, and you can see directlty the first Tutorial sets:

Puppet Essentials
What you need to know to start with Puppet
Rendered Slides (In Deck.js) - Markdown source

How To Use Example42 Modules
Instructions on how to use Example42 modules, material has been retrieved from past presentations and posts.
Rendered Slides (In Deck.js) - Markdown source

    That's all, for the moment... a set of Tutorials, presented as slides (and a big work in progress), that I hope will help people in understanding how to use Puppet.