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From Drupal to Jekyll

Example42 site has been moved.

It was running on Drupal, with a few plugins, an essential theme and a hugely spammed comment system.

I hardly used most of Drupal features and was quite annoyed by the continuous need to update it, even if this can be done quickly with drush.

When I started to look around for alternatives I searched for a lightweight Content Management System that could allow me to write quickly texts and save me from using directly html tags and badly manageable WYSIWYG editors.

Jekyll and its integration with GitHub Pages seemed the right solution.

Being a design donkey I searched for some good theme, based on BootStrap (because eveyrthing nowadays has to be based on Bootstrap, right?).

I found Bootflat. I like it. Powerful, essential, clean.

I imported my previous blog posts from Drupal using Jekyll Import and copied from Carl Boettiger site some plugins and design approaches.

The result is here, credits and my personal thanks go to the previous resources. Thanks you!

Only time will tell if this is enough for me to write more stuff here.

For the moment, thank you for being here, links around will point you to the online resources where you can see my Puppet works.

Alessandro Franceschi