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Example42 goes Org

The Github account where all the Example42 Puppet modules have been published so far, is now an organization on GitHub.

This change is not only “a flag in a db record”, but involves a new approach on how Example42 Puppet modules are going to be maintained.

The effort to keep this modules set updated and in good shape was becoming overwhelming for a single person not even working on them full time.

Rspec tests and Travis integration were breaking, support for new OSes was not introduced timely, bugs and sometimes pull requests had been ignored for too much time.

This was not a sustainable scenario and for this reason everything is changing.

Example42 is no more a single-man effort but a community project.

Whoever is interested and has the skills to do that, can become maintainer of one or mode modules.

The current priorities for the existing modules are these:

  • Fix rpsec tests and Travis integration.

  • Review and work out the bugs and PRs queue

  • Guarantee support for more recent versions of the most important OS

  • Preserve backwards compatibility and the general design patterns of these modules.

If you are interested in maintaining one or more modules, please contact me.

This is not a disengagement from my own side, I’ll keep on working on these modules, but, simply, I can’t guarantee the support and dedication that their users deserve.

Alessandro Franceschi