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Born at the PuppetConf

October 7th, 2015 has been a special day for us: example42 GmhB has been officially registered and can begin its business, based in Berlin.

We were at the PuppetConf in Portland that day and we celebrated there as the youngest company at the event while Martin performed his talk about Puppet 4.

We are enrolling as Puppet Labs Training and Service Delivery Partners and will provide to our customers a full range of Puppet related services.

Business is business, but ideas don’t change: example42 is still embracing Open Source, all our Puppet modules are and will continue to be free as speech and beer and to stress our commitment we have launched a new, ambitious, project: The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet Universe and Everything.

It is an holistic, Open Source, documentation project composed of:

  • A book about Puppet and DevOps practices
  • A set of commented sample code architectures
  • A modular slides deck
  • A practical Puppet Universal Reference

We have launched an IndieGogo campaign about it, if you want to support this effort, please give it a look.

We plan to release the first works on the guide very soon.

Stay tuned, something awesome is going to happen.