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Tip of the Week 17 - Technical Puppet Workshop, May 17th, Frankfurt

This week the tip is for a real world event about Puppet.

Could be our best tip so far :-)

example42 announces the first german speaking Technical Puppet Workshop.

The event takes place at Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center, located directly at Frankfurt International airport, on Wednesday, May 17th.

This workshop is aimed at systems administrators who use Puppet to manage their infrastructure and want to learn more about Puppet.

The whole event is free for registered attendees. You will receive an email from Puppet shortly with further details. example42 customers have already been informed about this event.

The event will start on Wednesday, May 17th, at 9:00 and will close at 18:00 at the same day. Coffee breaks and lunch will be served for free. A post event drink is also included.

We will allow up to 25 attendees on a first come, first serve basis.

At this event we offer three different topics where attendees may choose from during registration:

  • Puppet Best Practice
  • Puppet Code Testing
  • Puppet and Integration in existing infrastructure

For participation we recommend to bring your laptop with the following specifications:

  • Linux VM on VirtualBox or VMware (CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, SLES)
  • Vagrant installed on the laptop
  • min 2 GB RAM
  • min 10 GB free disc space

Some details on the topics:

  • Puppet Best Practice

We will dig into common errors and misusage like cross referencing modules, inheritance, git repo with submodules and ways of abusing exec resource type. We will talk about NIHS (not invented here syndrome) and how to start or continue instead.

  • Puppet Code Testing

We see many Puppet code bases without proper unit and integration testing. We will provide demo code with lots or errors, fix these based on lint and rspec-puppet results and still see the module not working at all. We will then move on to beaker and docker based integration tests to fix the remaining errors.

  • Puppet and Integration in existing infrastructure

Which tool do you use for a specific task? Do you have a VM management solution in place? Do you have a reporting system ready and in production? There is no need to switch tools as Puppet has lots of APIs which allow integration into existing components and tools. We will cover reporting backends and Puppet API for certificate and node management.

Further information:

The event itself is for free. Neither example42 nor Puppet will cover travel and/or hotel expenses. Event organizer: example42 GmbH

We are looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt on May 17th.