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Tip of the Week 45 - Save the dates

Are you interested to learn and discuss about Puppet?

We will be at the following events, let’s meet there!

November 9th - Puppet User Group Berlin

Hosted by Visual Meta GmbH, Alexanderstraße 3, 10178 Berlin.

This time we will demo bolt and tasks and plans.

Please register using meetup or Xing.

January 22nd to 26th - Puppet Roadshow

One day demos on PSICK, GitLab integration, Puppet Enterprise and all new development.

Location is yet to be defined, Stay tuned for updates.

At the other days we are travelling around Germany, visiting customers.

Please give us a note, if you like to get an on-site demo and learn about automating infrastructure.

February 5th to 7th - CfgMgmtCamp, Ghent, Belgium

We are happy to again attend and sponsor THE European automation event. Learn news from Puppet, Ansible, Chef and whatever is related to infrastructure automation. On third day, we will obviously be at Puppet Contributor Summit.

Training courses

Interested in learning Puppet?

Our training courses are done in German language (english courses are available upon request).

  • December 18-20 - Puppet Practitioner, Linuxhotel, Essen, Germany
  • December 21-22 - Foreman, Linuxhotel, Essen, Germany
  • February 12-14 - Puppet Fundamentals, ATIX AG, Munich, Germany
  • February 15-16 - Puppet Architect, ATIX AG, Munich, Germany
  • February 19-21 - Puppet Practitioner, ATIX AG, Munich, Germany
  • February 26-28 - Puppet Fundamentals, Heinlein Academy, Berlin, Germany

We are looking forward to seeing you in person and wish everybody happy hacking on Puppet and PSICK.

Martin Alfke Alessandro Franceschi