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Tip of the Week 97 - example42 is rewarded as one of the Top 10 DevOps consulting companies in Europe

We are pleasantly surprised and honoured to be rewarded as one of the Top 10 DevOps consulting companies in Europe by CIO Applications Europe. Here the full issue in PDF.

Example42, is described as a company that “offers and shares huge IT experience and world-class knowledge of Puppet software and DevOps practices”.

Efficient Consulting

There is a major difference between effective and efficient consulting. Within effective consulting companies get solutions and support in a fast and reliable matter.

We prefer efficient consulting, where we enable customer teams to understand the solutions and are able to continue maintaining them by themselves.

This allows companies to be less reliant on long term external consulting and results in happier staff.


At example42 we not only deliver consulting, we also support teams by conducting specific trainings on DevOps related tool chains and offer Puppet code maintenance support.

Our maintenance contract takes the burden from teams when it comes to building Puppet code following modern best practice and not being blocked by deprecations when it comes to Puppet upgrades.

Especially in the DevOps world training is one of the essentials tasks which must be done to keep pace with modern best practice.

Knowledge sharing

We have always shared, and will continue to share, our experience on Puppet, operations, automation and DevOps. A list of the material, software and documentation we have shared includes:

  • This same blog, with our Tips of the Week on Puppet and DevOps
  • Tiny Puppet a Puppet module that abstracts installation of configuration of applications (“Any app on any OS”)
  • PSICK a Puppet control-repo and module to easily setup a full featured Puppet infrastructure

Less recent projects involve:

  • A Puppet Tutorial usable for trainings and workshops
  • The DevOps Guide to Puppet, Universe and Everything. Featuring a Slides deck fro beginners and a reusable control-repo from which the PSICK project was derived
  • The NextGen Example42 Puppet modules set, most of which are now no more maintained, but for years have been a point of reference in Puppet modules
  • Puppi a Puppet module to configure automate application deployments

We want to thank the CIO Applications authors for the honour and the reward and you, as reader, for being here.

We wish everybody a great start into this week.

Alessandro Franceschi and Martin Alfke