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Tip of the Week 100 - Puppet Community Award

Puppet is a product built around a community.

The Puppet community encourages learning new skills, expanding knowledge and honors contributions.

We want to celebrate the 100th post in our Puppet Tip of the Week celebrating the same Puppet community of which we are proud members and talking about this year edition of Puppet MVP (Most Valued Puppeteer) award.

The MVP award is voted by community and Puppet members and given to people in the community who have distinguished themselves in their Puppet activities.

As far as I remember the first MVP award was given to Eric Dalen at PuppetConf 2014 for his feedback and help on PuppetDB.

In 2015 Mark Sutter was honored for his work on the Windows Powershell DSC module.

At Puppetconf in 2016 the award has been given to Rob Nelson for most fixed tickets at a triage.

I was unable to find information on 2017 award. I only found a tweet mentioning Ryo Sugahara and Tim Meusel as MVP runnersup.

This years Community Awards have expanded, with new mentions to Invaluable Puppeteer and Force Multiplier.

Tim was again on the MVP list, but this time he was recognised for his fantastic work within voxpupuli - the GitHub Puppet Community.

Nick Maludy won the Force Multiplier award for his contributions to Bolt, and I’m am proud and happy for being nominated as Invaluable Puppetteer.

List of past MVP announcements:


Finalists Winner
Daniel Sluijters (@danney) - activity on IRC Eric Dalen (@eric_dalen) - PuppetDb feedback
Felix Frank (@felix_res) - fixing long outstanding bugs  
Tim Sharp (@rodjek) - shares testing tools  


Finalists Winner
Felix Frank - improve core resource types Mark Sutter - work on Powershell DSC module
Erik Dalen - Puppet Explorer  
Brice Figuerau - Bug fixes  


Rob Nelson (@rnelson0)


Ryo Sugahara (@denkas1973)
Tim Meusel (@bastelsblog)


Tim Meusel - MVP
Martin Alfke - Invaluable Puppeteer
Nick Maludy - Force Multiplier

Many thanks to everybody for supporting, building and helping community.

Martin Alfke