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Tip of the Week 104 - Categorised summary of example42 2018 blog postings

Welcome to 2019!

We close the year with a categorised summary of all postings from 2018 and a rethinking of the purpose of this blog.

After exactly 2 years of weekly posts about Puppet we have decided to quit with the weekly schedule. We will continue to release Puppet Tips here, but not every week.

The ratio between time spent in writing the posts and feedback from readers and the Puppet world has not been positive enough to justify the effort.

We apologise to who has always supported and helped us in spreading these contents (special thanks to Taciano Tres (@tacianot) for the continuous help in this) and we hope we will still be able to provide you useful contents in the future.

Now, let’s see what has been written about in 2018.

As similar post was done for 2017 check it out for a full list of all our “Tips of the Week”.


PSICK, Control-Repository, Tiny Puppet and example42 Modules

DevOps,Containers, Strategies

Puppet Tutorials and Best Practices

Puppet 6

Bolt, tasks, plans

Puppet Code Development and Testing

Hiera, Razor

example42 wishes everybody a healthy and successful new year.

Martin Alfke, Alessandro Franceschi