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example42 is rewarded twice at 2018 Puppet Channel Partner Awards

When we joined as individuals the Puppet community almost ten years ago, we learned that this community was different. The most important drive here has always been: try to be helpful and inclusive!

Shortly after example42 GmbH was founded, in October 2015, we were accepted as Puppet Channel Partner.

This partnership allows Puppet Inc and example42 GmbH to work closely together on training, consulting, migrations and any aspect of a Puppet Enterprise installation.

Several of the relevant engagements have been conducted by Alessandro Franceschi, CTO at example42 GmbH.

We are super excited that Alessandro is rewarded as Channel Partner Engineer of the Year for “exemplifying excellence in engineering and solving customer challenges using Puppet products”.

Additionally example42 GmbH is rewarded as Service Delivery Partner of the Year in EMEA region, “driving additional services, regular availability, and bench growth”.

Find more information at Puppet blog posting - Puppet Announces 2018 Channel Partner Excellence Awards

What is a Puppet Channel Partner?

A Puppet Channel Partner supports Puppet in being present at market and engages in Puppet community.

How does a Service Delivery Partner adds value?

When using the supported Puppet Enterprise Platform, customers need to ensure that any work inside the platform is done in accordance to Puppet guidelines.

A Service Delivery Partner must have at least one Puppet Certified Consultant and support Puppet Enterprise customers in all technical aspects of their Puppet platform.

Why example42 GmbH?

At example42 GmbH two long time Puppet experts have combined their Puppet knowledge, each one having more that ten years of hands-on Puppet experience.

Meanwhile we participate in a world-wide network of Puppet experts and contribute to the community with our Open Source modules and Puppet related projects.

We are happy and proud of being part of this world.

example42 GmbH

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