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Puppet Tip 111 - HDM released!

Merry christmas to everybody.

We are super excited to announce today the general availability of HDM (Hiera Data Manager) - a webfrontend for vizualising and managing Hiera data.


We learned from several customers, that most of them have specifc requirements when it comes to managing application data.

Data must be able to be modified by a person which:

  • has no knowledge on Git
  • has no knowledge on Puppet
  • only runs Windows on Workstation

Therefore we decided to develop HDM.

HDM starts with letting you select a desired environment where you want to check or change data.

select environment

Next you can select a node. We query PuppetDB to find existing environments, nodes and their facter values:

select node

Now you can see all hiera keys a node has within the environment hiera data:

hiera keys

When selecting a key we show the hierachies and vizualize whether a hierarchy has data for a key and which one is the default:

hiera data

You can now change data on node level. HDM writes the data back to a file.


In the actual state, HDM must run on the Puppet Master. We fetch environments, nodelist and facts from PuppetDB.

HDM needs a file structure where it con store modified data. This file structure must be added to your hiera.yaml configuration file.

Upcoming features

Within the next releases we want to:

  • add read-only feature
  • provide a Puppet module to install, configure and run HDM
  • optimize the web view
  • have HDM run on a separate machine
  • run HDM as a container

Coming soon: HDM Pro

The Open Source implementation has no login and no access control. This is a feature we are putting into HDM Pro, our commercial release of HDM.

Another planned HDM Pro features is a git based storage backend with review capabilities.


We are looking forward to learn about issues, missing features or any other feedback.

Best, the team of example42.