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example42 GmbH closes business on 31st of December 2021

example42 GmbH was founded back in 2015 and registered at chamber of commerce during PuppetConf 2015.

We have worked in Puppet world for many years, have supported hundreds of companies, and delivered training worldwide.

We were self-employed professionals and decided that it was good to unite the forces and develop a company.

That’s how example42 Gmbh started, registered in Berlin, owned by the most prominent Puppet experts in Italy and Germany, and committed to providing Puppet support to customers via the virtuous partnership with Puppet Inc. or directly.

It worked well, constantly cash flow positive, with slow but steady growth, based initially on the work of the two of us, supported by Jessica.

The balance worked; while delivering our consulting and training works, Martin was more dedicated to business and commercial growth and Alessandro on example42 open source projects, which he started to develop in 2008.

Still, it was clear that the company was a two owners, two minds, two faces project. We never really managed to deliver it as a whole entity, with shared focus and targets, even if we tried.

Over the years, we added people to the technical team: first Simon, then Robert, and Tim this year.

They are very talented people we are honored to have on board.

The company growth has somehow been also the reason why the double-side nature latent issue started to become a real issue.

We had different views on how to continue. Initially, we tried, without success, to sell the company, and then we ultimately decided that it was better to close the shared experience and keep on working in our own ways.

This “shared experience” is a company with duties and responsibilities, so we wanted to minimize the impact on any involved individual and entity.

The German team is going to be hired by Martin’s new company, betadots GmbH, in order to give continuity to their works on customers.

Both Martin, via betadots GmbH, and Alessandro, via his company in Italy Lab42 Srl, will continue their partnership with Puppet Inc, guaranteeing a transparent transition for final customers.

The example42 name, domain, website, social media accounts will be transferred back to Alessandro and become a brand of Lab42 Srl.

So that’s it.

On Dec 31st example42 GmbH closes its business activities.

The company will deliver no new activities, and within a year, is going to do all the necessary procedures to close definitively.

So here’s how a company closes, not for commercial or financial issues, but for divergent views on what and how the same company should be.

We are ok with that, we have no hard feelings, we are going to continue our activities in Puppet and the IT world, and we wish each other and everybody all the best for your future.

Take care. The future is ahead and is going to be shaped by us.

Alessandro and Martin