The Guide is Open Source, anybody can be part of it.
Yes, even you.

The project is currently sponsored by example42,
and, yes, open to other sponsors.
The Guide Mask


The [DevOps] Guide to Puppet, Universe, and Everything is currently composed of:
  • A Book, about Puppet, and Puppet Universe.
    To be published only when reviewed, refined and good enough for a first edition. [NEEDS SPONSOR]
  • Sample Puppet architectures: This component of the Guide has evolved to
    example42 control-repo, a full featured Puppet 4 environment.
  • A modular Slides deck with tutorials on different Puppet topics. The first published one is for beginners.
  • A practical Puppet Universal Reference with the info and the links that matter [NEEDS SPONSOR]
  • A collection of Cheatsheets about Puppet components [NEEDS SPONSOR]


This is an ambitious projects with many, evolving, components. It is intended to be complementary to Puppet documentation, which is great.
If you find it interesting you can be support it these ways:
  • Work with us on the GitHub repos.
  • Sponsor the development of the components you want done.
  • Talk about it, #puppetguide42


Time is relative, we planned things that were only partially done.
  • The book and the Universal reference and the Cheatsheets have not started at all. They need sponsors.
  • The Puppet Architectures project has been merged in the wider and more comprehensive Example42 control-repo.
  • The slides are under work, the Beginners deck has been published. Others decks are in development. Individual slide decks can be sponsored.


All the developments are open GitHub,
if you want to collaborate, use it:

Open Source